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How to get the best out of your GDT training

GDT is a way of life.And that means it’s very important to get as much information about how it works as possible.So that means you need to understand the fundamentals of how it functions.The GDT method, like most, is...

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Online Training Courses

How to get your head around ‘virtual’ training for training in the virtual environment

With the introduction of virtualisation to football training, there’s now a whole new realm of potential applications for players, and a whole range of new and innovative methods for achieving it.The introduction of the cloud-based training environment, which allows...

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When it comes to refrigeration: How to prepare your fridge for an emergency

When your fridge is in the middle of a freeze, you’re in a real bind.You can’t just throw it on the floor, or put it in a drawer.The cold can kill the fridge.To get the fridge ready for an...

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