Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Credit Suisse are working together to help small businesses in America online

Bank of American, Wells Financial, and Credit Union are working to help American businesses take online courses.

The banks are partnering with online training provider Udemy and the online training service Access, which is a subsidiary of Accenture.

The training comes in the wake of an outbreak of H1N1 that killed some 7,000 people in the United States.

The banks say that the training could make the training process much easier for businesses to learn about how to protect themselves and others online.

“We want to empower the next generation of leaders in their businesses and in the marketplace,” said John Fennell, president and chief executive of the banks.

“Access is the only way to go, and we’re excited about this opportunity to partner with a leading provider of digital learning and access.”

The banks say they are not saying how much the training will cost.

They will be giving out $1,500 scholarships for the first 100 people to complete the Udemy course.

They are also offering other rewards for participants.

“Access is building a pipeline of thousands of people who have the training to make sure they’re able to do the job, and those people will have access to the training and the certification,” said Kevin Fong, vice president and general manager of Udemy.

“And we’re happy to offer those rewards as well.”

The bank and the partners are encouraging businesses to take the Udemies course on their own, but they want to get the word out so more people can enroll.