Democrats seek $5 billion in new stimulus package

Democrats are seeking $5.3 billion in stimulus packages for states, counties and local governments, according to a memo released Friday.

The spending request was sent to members of Congress as part of an ongoing push to push through legislation to create a $1 trillion supplemental federal stimulus fund.

The effort to push for a new stimulus bill is also in response to a series of recent events in which Republicans have blamed Democrats for the recent economic downturn, according the memo.

The Democrats want to put a price tag on a variety of things from the federal government to state and local government spending.

The memo says the $5 bn stimulus package includes:A $4.2 billion increase in the unemployment insurance program.

A $2.2 bn increase in a $20 billion supplemental supplemental federal unemployment insurance fund.

A 1.5 b n stimulus package for the states.

A 3.5 billion boost in the Supplemental Federal Unemployment Insurance Program, which is used to help people get food stamps and other government assistance.

A supplemental $2 billion boost for states to create 1 million jobs through new tax credits.

A 2.9 b n increase in child support payments.

The $5b stimulus package also includes $1.5bn in funding for a second wave of stimulus measures.

The $1 billion for child support would be available immediately.

The second stimulus package is a continuation of the $2bn package that Congress passed earlier this year to ease the impact of the Great Recession on the economy.

That package is expected to help create 1.8 million jobs over the next five years.