Google is training its staff online to get online with a new online video training program

The search giant is expanding its online video certification program and is rolling out a new training program, Google Cloud Video Certification (GCV), to its global staff.

The GCV certification program is being rolled out to its more than 1.2 million employees in North America and Europe, with a target launch in 2018.

It will be the first program to offer online video, a company spokesperson said.

“The Google Cloud video program has been designed to provide an accessible online training experience to our team members,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

“The GCVs online training is designed to enable our team to learn the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform and build on these experiences to be better leaders.GCVs online video is a one-stop-shop for the vast majority of the cloud computing industry, so this training will enable our entire team to get up to speed on new technologies and software, as well as gain a deeper understanding of our product offerings.”

The new training comes as Google is facing a growing number of privacy issues.

It’s been under fire from privacy advocates and some privacy experts who say it’s a clear violation of users’ privacy rights when it’s done on its own terms, without consent, and without the oversight of the privacy department.

Google has been under scrutiny for its continued efforts to build a cloud computing ecosystem, and its privacy practices have also come under scrutiny, with the company having previously admitted it used Google Search Engine’s data for targeting advertising.

The company has also faced criticism for its search data practices, which have led to accusations it uses its data for political ends and targeted targeting.

The move by Google to expand the GCV program comes after a recent report that found the company was using the data of people who opt in to the program, which would allow Google to track their online activity, without their knowledge.

Google said the new program would allow its employees to learn about cloud computing, how to use the cloud and what Google Cloud services can offer.

“We are excited to roll out our first ever GCV training program to our cloud professionals,” said Google Cloud Director of Training and Development David Seltzer.

“We are working closely with our cloud partners to make sure that GCVs training will be easy for our cloud teams to understand, use and master.

We are also working with our training partners to deliver the best online training program available today.”

Google is also expanding the program to all of its staff in North American and Europe.

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