How do dogs use social cues?

What’s your dog’s social cues to you?

Do they show signs of affection, curiosity or trust?

How do you react to these cues?

How long do you have to wait for your dog to show you those cues?

The answers are all on our website, and our latest online book, Dog Training: The Definitive Guide to Making Dogs Feel Good, is now available for download and read online.

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What do dogs say about themselves?

Can they tell you more about their personality?

How are they socialised, trained and treated?

These are some of the questions that dog trainers are keen to answer in their latest book, Dogs Speak.

In Dogs Speak, published by Oxford University Press, the authors reveal the inner workings of a dog’s personality, revealing how dogs think, feel and behave.

It also reveals how they interact with humans and their environment.

The book is the latest in a long line of books from Oxford University and New York University to tackle the topic of dog behaviour, which was a topic of conversation for decades.

It’s one of the best books on the topic published to date.

The authors also delve into the evolution of the dog and their social structure.

It explores the importance of the family unit, the importance placed on training, and the importance on socialisation of young dogs.

The book also includes information on dog ownership and its impact on a dog.

What’s your favourite book on dog training?

What are your favourite dog books?

Are you a dog trainer?

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You can also read more about dogs and behaviour in our new Dogs Speak book, How to Train a Dog, which includes a video tutorial and is available for free download from the Oxford University bookshop.

The best-selling book on canine behaviour, How To Train Your Dog, was published in 2000 and has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

In its latest edition, published in March 2018, the book offers a comprehensive guide to dog behaviour from the basics of the relationship between owner and dog to socialisation, and even how to teach your dog how to be a great listener.

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