How to beat the pain of an elbow sprain

Online personal trainer Michael O’Connell says the worst case scenario for an elbow injury is the swelling is too small to properly heal.

“If you are going to get surgery to repair your elbow, then the swelling isn’t going to be so big that it can heal,” he said.

The latest elbow injury update: 3 April 2018 1:45:58 The latest elbow injuries update is here.

If you have a pain in your elbow or your elbow feels tight or painful, talk to your doctor about getting a CT scan.

They can also check the area around your elbow and the muscle underneath.

If you have an inflammation of your elbow muscle, the doctor may also be able to perform a biopsy.

Be careful when you’re using the internet: You could have a knee sprain or other knee injury from a computer game, a TV show or the internet.

For more information on elbow pain, talk about pain at home with our online online forum.

If your elbow hurts, call your doctor.

If it’s a knee injury, call the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

For further information on knee injury and online personal training, visit the AMA’s website.