How to become a digital-only leader with ‘digital’ training

A digital-first strategy for leadership and digital-focused training for leaders is a promising development, according to a new report from McKinsey & Co. The report, titled “Digital Leadership and Digital Training for Leaders,” argues that the rise of smartphones, tablets, and other digital platforms is giving leaders more control over the content they consume.

“Digital is not just about how to access the world but how to navigate it,” says Tim Pivnic, vice president of McKinsey’s Digital Business Development group.

“It is about how people can think about their own leadership roles, how they can engage with others, how to manage their digital experience.”

Pivlic’s report says digital training for executives should focus on digital competencies such as content marketing, data analytics, digital strategy, digital engagement, and digital engagement and brand development.

Digital training for executive leadership The McKinsey report identifies six key digital competency areas: Managing the digital experience in the workplace Managing the online experience in society Managing digital and social media engagement for leadership & managing the digital content for business Managing digital engagement across the organization Managing digital presence in the organization (including social media, email, and social-media platforms) Managing digital knowledge and experiences for business managing digital content in organizations managing the use of digital content (including advertising, search, social media content, and content marketing) Managing the use and sharing of digital information for leadership using social media &” managing digital engagement (including search, content marketing and social sharing) Managing knowledge and skills in social media for leaders managing digital awareness of organizations managing social media strategy Managing digital influence in organizations Managing digital success for leadership (including building a digital brand) Managing a digital and digital digital ecosystem for leadership, business, and society Managing an environment for leadership to work from &amp.; developing and delivering a digital, social, and cultural culture for leadership Managing digital awareness for leaders &amp=” the workplace” Managing digital leadership < managing digital business development &amp”; managing digital-specific business development for leaders Managing digital strategy for business