How to get a job at Twitter online training

A new training program for online job seekers is starting to roll out at Twitter.

The new training, called “Twitter Online Safety Training,” is designed to help users who want to find work in the tech company’s booming social media sphere get through the interview process, according to Twitter’s Chief Legal Officer, David Yost.

“This new training is designed for both employers and job seekers,” Yost wrote in a blog post.

“Employers can take advantage of the training to get their job interviews done, while job seekers can get an in-person interview in person and have their resume and cover letter prepared.”

The new training will launch in August, and the first classes will be available for the next few weeks.

Yost also noted that the new training isn’t intended to be a replacement for traditional face-to-face interviews, but rather as a tool to help employers determine who is a good fit.

“The training focuses on how you can use tools such as LinkedIn to determine the most qualified candidate and get the best job interview,” he wrote.

“It’s not a replacement of face- to-face interview.

But it can be an adjunct to it, to provide an extra layer of assurance.”

Yost added that the training will help employers make the decision of who to hire, and that it will help job seekers find work.