How to get into Google’s online training program

On Thursday, the company announced that its online training service, called CCNA, will be launching a new, standalone version in October. 

The new version will be available for free and will offer more than 20,000 training videos from leading experts. 

While the new version won’t replace the CCNA Online Training, it will be a better choice for those who want to stay on top of their learning. 

“We know that a new version of the CCN will bring a more immersive, more personalized experience for users who want a seamless experience that is tailored to their interests,” the company said in a statement. 

According to CCNA’s own website, the new CCNA training will be “designed to make learning CCNA as easy and fun as possible.” 

“The new edition is designed to give you the tools you need to quickly get started and learn from the experts in our training program,” it added. 

When asked about the change, Google told the Wall Street Journo Pros that it will continue to offer the existing CCNA course. 

CCNA’s website notes that the new edition of the training will focus on “the latest trends and topics in cybersecurity, cybersecurity security, and computer security.” 

The CCNA online training will cover topics such as How to install Windows 10, How To Install the Cisco IOS, What is a Network Security Policy?, and How do I know if my network is secure?