How to get Skywarn training for the best possible outcome

Skywarn trainee Tim Pritchard is hoping to learn about how to spot a scam by the time he graduates from university.

“It’s a bit of a shock to realise you can get scammed by your bank online,” Mr Pritchersaid.

“It’s pretty scary and frustrating.”

Skywarn trainees receive a training program with an emphasis on cyber security, privacy and data breaches.

Mr Pritcher says he has received a number of responses from people who are confident they can spot scams online.

“It has been really helpful to me, because I think if you can spot a fraudulent transaction, then you can prevent it from happening in the first place.”

A number of the scammers who respond to Skywarn Trainee Scams are able to track down the victims.

“We have received a couple of inquiries from people claiming to be from banks, and they say that they’ve been scammed, but have been unable to identify the person who did it,” Mr Mabey said.

“Some people have been able to get into the bank account and try and make a payment for the scam.”

“They can then withdraw the money without paying, so they don’t get a refund.”

Mr Pietersen says the program has helped him avoid being scammed online.

“I’ve had a lot of good feedback on the training, so it’s definitely helped me in the way I deal with it,” he said.

Skywarn Trainees are given a virtual job in the Skywarn Cyber Security team to assist with their training.

The training program also involves online banking, and allows trainees to share their experiences and find out how they can be better protected.

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