How to get your passport online – and get a free stamp – at the border

When your passport expires at the Australian border, you can now get your old passport online.

The Australian Government has announced a new program for expats that will offer a free passport replacement.

The new scheme will see passport holders automatically receive a new passport when they travel out of Australia, at the new border crossing.

However, passport holders with the same passport can still use it to get a replacement passport for up to a year.

Under the new scheme, people with the original passport will also be able to apply for a new one at the airport.

The program will run from April 15 to August 1, 2018.

The Government says the program will also allow for Australians to apply to renew their passport online if they have already used up their current one.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the program would allow Australians to renew passports at the same time they were applying for a visa to enter Australia.

“Australians are looking forward to having their passport back,” he said.

“It will allow them to travel to Australia on the same day that they apply for the visa, so it will not be delayed at the port of entry.”

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says the scheme will allow Australians who are eligible to renew a passport to do so.

“What we want to see is the most productive way to do this is for Australians who have their passport already to have the option to use it for an extension period of time,” he told reporters.

“So for example, you could have your passport at the visa application stage, then you could then get the new passport and you can then apply for an additional visa and have the opportunity to use that passport for an extended period of period of up to three years.”

More than 500,000 passports have been issued since January 1, when the government started its program.

More than half of these have been for people who have recently arrived in Australia.

Mr Morrison says this is the first time the program has been extended to include passport holders from other countries.

The pilot will see up to six passport holders eligible for a free replacement, but the Government has not revealed what they will pay.

A similar scheme was recently extended to a total of five countries.

A total of 7,500 passport holders are expected to be eligible for the program, with another 2,000 already eligible.

More to come.

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