Live video training from NHL players on the Puck Drop Live series: KPA online training

The Puck Drops live webinar series will bring together KPA members, former NHL players, NHL media, and current and former NHLers to offer training for online video and audio.

The series, which is hosted by the NHL Players Association, is hosted on the website, the league’s live video site.

The Pucks will begin with the live presentation of the first episode of the series.

During the live video portion of the program, KPA players will be asked to review their play, as well as provide their opinions of the play, on the ice and during the game.

The first episode will be hosted by former players like Wayne Gretzky, Brad Marchand, and Patrick Roy, who will be joined by former player and former KPA president Michael Vartan.

After the program wraps, the KPA will take questions from the audience.

The second episode will air during the live stream of NHL games, with interviews with NHL stars and former players.KPA members will be invited to participate in the live Q&A portion of each episode, with the questioners being asked questions about their experiences and how they will be able to use the new video-editing tools available for online coaching.

The Pucks can expect to be a popular show for NHL players and KPA alumni.KPAs online training sessions will also provide a glimpse into the KPAs leadership, and the way KPA’s leadership group has evolved over the past few years.

In the past, Kpa members have shared their thoughts and experiences on the Kpa’s current role and the role of the KPa’s leadership team.

The KPA has also been hosting an online series of online training programs for players and coaches.

The NHLPA is also sponsoring the KPUs online training program, which will include coaching, video, and live online sessions.

As part of the new Pucks Live series, KPU members will receive an opportunity to participate on the live broadcast as a player or coach, during the opening and closing minutes of the game, as a member of the coaching staff, and as a commentator.

The players and coaching staff will also be able participate in live Q & A segments.

Puck Drop live, the premier online training and education program for KPA Members, is available for viewing on the league website.

The full KPA Online Training Series is available at

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