Online harassment training for coaches to tackle online harassment

Online harassment is a big problem and a growing problem, with more than a quarter of female students reporting being targeted, according to a study by the UK’s Department for Education.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is launching a online training programme to help coaches and employers tackle the problem, as well as giving guidance to businesses about what to do if they are being targeted.

The online training, which will run for three months, will cover topics such as how to respond to a complaint, how to recognise online harassment and how to take action to protect their users.

The Government is also working on a national helpline for victims of online abuse, which is due to be launched later this year.

More: Here’s how to report online harassment: “Online harassment is something that affects everyone and everyone deserves to be heard, and BIS is taking the opportunity to offer an online training to help businesses and employers take a more proactive approach to protecting their users,” said BIS Director of Communications and Media Relations, Kate Smith.

“This training is aimed at helping businesses, employers and people to better understand what online harassment is, how it happens and what they can do to protect themselves and their users from it.”

The online online training is being run by BIS and the Online Abuse Prevention Network (OAPN).

“Online abuse is a huge problem, and it is growing at an alarming rate.

BIS has been working with organisations around the country to support organisations to identify and tackle this problem,” Ms Smith added.

“The training will cover a range of topics, including how to make sure that people reporting online abuse are heard and that they have a safe, confidential space to do so.”

The training is targeted at employers and employers who are already working with their employees online, as a whole, and will help them understand what is happening online, how they can improve their processes and how they should respond.

“What you need to know about online abuse: Who is online abuse victim?

Victims are individuals who have experienced online harassment, including but not limited to: men, women, young people, those with disabilities, disabled people, young adults and those with physical or mental health issues.

How to report Online harassment can affect everyone and anyone, but it affects people in different ways.

Some people feel it can be frustrating, while others feel it’s inevitable, and others feel they are powerless to change it.

What you can do if you or someone you know has been online harassed: Report the matter to a friend, relative or a colleague, who can help you investigate the matter further.

Find out if there is an organisation or company in your area that can help.

You can also get support from the OAPN or BIS online abuse helplines, or contact them on 1800 027 732.

How can you report online abuse?

The best way to report a case of online harassment to BIS or the OASN is through a form that can be filled out online, or by phone.

The form will ask you to describe what happened to you and what you were doing at the time, and give details about the incident.

If you are a student, you can report online using the BIS website or by calling 1800 028 742.

You may also need to contact the BISH, which operates a helplist.

You should also make sure you can give a safe and confidential place to report if you feel unsafe, or if you have a problem with your account or the content of your account.

To report online: Find out what to say if you are being harassed online.

What to do after reporting online harassment What to report If you feel you have been harassed online: Report it to the person who made the report to BISH or the Bish, or the online abuse team, or via the online helplists.

If there are more than one people you feel harassed, report them all.

How you can help report online online abuse When reporting online online harassment you need: To provide an account name and email address that can identify the person or organisation you are reporting to.

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