Online teacher training: Cad online training available in Queensland

Online teacher teaching is on the horizon, with the state government announcing online training courses will be offered by accredited accredited teachers in Queensland and New South Wales.

The government said it was the first state to offer the courses, which are aimed at teachers from remote rural areas.

“Our goal is to make our teachers, principals, students and learners more effective and to give them access to an education online,” Education Minister Paul Fletcher said.

“This online training is designed to provide an opportunity for teachers to work on a remote location while learning the skills required to be a good teacher.”

“It is designed for teachers from a remote region, for teachers who do not have the time to travel to a teaching location or for teachers with limited transport, but who still want to be able to teach online.”

As we introduce this online training to our schools, we will make it easy for teachers and principals to access this training and we will continue to improve and improve our education system,” Mr Fletcher said in a statement.”

It will help to increase the quality of education for all New South Welsh and Queenslanders and also provide a real-world learning experience for those teachers, to give us an opportunity to meet and collaborate with other teachers and to meet new people.

“The online courses will start with a pilot of the online training in the first two months of 2018.”

Teachers can choose from a range of different online options, including: