‘Pietro Pescarelli is a winner’: Man Utd fans tweet after victory over Juventus

After an entertaining and exciting Serie A match, Juventus fans are now tweeting that “Pietros Pescarone is a great coach.”

The hashtag #Pescareli is trending worldwide on Twitter, with some fans claiming that “he is a real winner”.

“Pescarones is a true winner, he always wins and is the reason why we are winning and we are the champions,” one Juventus fan wrote on Twitter.

“We are not just a team, but a family.”

Another added: “The coach is the only one who can make us win.

He is the best in the world, he is a coach for life.”

Another tweeted: “I don’t care about the other players.

I am here to support Pietro Piscarone.

He will always win and is an inspiration to all.”

However, some were critical of Pescaro’s coaching style.

“It is important to have a coach who can coach in the moment,” one tweeted.

“The problem is that he is so focused on the game that he forgets the importance of life and what it means to be human.

I have to give Pescari credit though, he has been in this job for 10 years.

He’s a great football coach.

I respect his decision.”

Another said: “He has a great reputation, I just want to be able to coach for a long time and not to be worried about the rest of the season.

It’s important to keep your head.”

Meanwhile, one fan said: “@Pescaro is a fantastic coach.

He knows what it takes to win, he knows what to look for.

He has a lot of experience and is a good coach.”

Another wrote: “@GigiPescara, the best coach.

It is a shame to be a Juventus fan, but I don’t think Pescaria can be replaced.”

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