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Live video training from NHL players on the Puck Drop Live series: KPA online training

The Puck Drops live webinar series will bring together KPA members, former NHL players, NHL media, and current and former NHLers to offer training for online video and audio.The series, which is hosted by the NHL Players Association, is...

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The Top 20 online personal trainers

Online personal trainers are now a huge part of the online personal training industry, with more than a billion dollars invested into them each year.But what is online personal coaching and how can you get started?article The most important...

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How to get your head around ‘virtual’ training for training in the virtual environment

With the introduction of virtualisation to football training, there’s now a whole new realm of potential applications for players, and a whole range of new and innovative methods for achieving it.The introduction of the cloud-based training environment, which allows...

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