‘They were looking for someone who was mentally ill’: RCMP investigating ‘sickening’ online abuse claims in Saskatoon

Police have launched an investigation into a series of online threats to members of the Saskatoon Police Service.

The threats have targeted members of Saskatoon’s Aboriginal community.

“There is no doubt that this type of behaviour is disturbing and we’re investigating this matter,” RCMP Cpl.

Jason Wainstein said Tuesday.

He said police are aware of a Facebook group that’s “calling for the execution of the officers of the day in Saskatchew” — an apparent reference to the Saskatchewan RCMP’s Indigenous community.

The group has been active since last October, and is now active again, he said.

Wainsteins team has launched a Facebook page for the group, but it’s unclear if the page is being used by the group.

“I have no idea what’s happening in the group and we are working to get to the bottom of that,” Wainstons team said in a statement.

The Facebook page has been deleted, but Wainstroms team said they have received no threats of violence.

In addition, a separate page has also been created for the Saskatawans Aboriginal Police Service, which is also inactive, but has posted messages of support.

Wannstein said the investigation is still ongoing.

He described the group as “unrelated” to the RCMP, and said police have had “no contact” with the people who made the threats.

The RCMP said it has no information to suggest that any of the threats have been directed at any of its officers.

But Wainsten said the threats are “extremely concerning,” adding that it would be irresponsible to continue to encourage anyone to make threats against members of police.

Police are also investigating an online campaign called “Punch ’em In The Face,” which says “We want the Saskatis [Black people] in Saskatawa.”

In response, a post on the page called for “Black women to get the f*** out of Saskat” and threatened to “throw you in jail.”

Wain Stein said the group was “a little out of control,” adding, “This group has gone on for a while now, it’s been on for months and months.”

Police said in their statement that the threats will not be tolerated.

“The threats and actions against members and officers are in no way condoned by the Saskatonas Aboriginal Police Services and are not in keeping with the values and standards of the RCMP,” it said.

The Saskatoon police force also confirmed it has received multiple threats, but that the number has been downgraded to “very low” after the department investigated.

Saskatoon Mayor Naheed Nenshi has called for the “sicken” group to be banned from the city.

“These types of threats are not acceptable, they are not tolerated,” he said, adding that police need to “keep up the pressure.”

In a statement, the SaskTel service said it is aware of threats made against Saskatoon officers.

“We have zero tolerance for hateful, hate-filled, racist and other discriminatory language,” SaskTel said.

“Saskatoon Police will not tolerate the type of speech or behaviour that is not tolerated by our police department and will take any action we deem necessary to ensure our community remains safe.”

Saskatoon First Nations chief Michael Fortier has said the RCMP are aware that the threat is “a growing trend.”

The chief has also said he’s heard that the “hate group” has been operating since October.

Fortier told CBC News Tuesday that the Sasktel group is “very disturbing” and has “no place in our community.”

Fortier said he hopes to get a message from the Saskatel group’s administrator, but “that’s up to them.”

Fortiers office received the threats as part of a larger investigation into the group called “Cuckold’s Daughters.”

The SaskTel page, which also includes references to a former police officer, says it has “nothing to do with the Saskatalas Aboriginal policing service.”

A message on the Saskatanewas Aboriginal police service’s Facebook page says “Sewa and Dukes” are the names of “sansa, dukes, and the two black brothers.”