Why should students take online vocational and online forklift courses?

Students in the country should take online courses for vocational training.

The Centre of Science Education and Training (CSET) is yet to announce the dates for the online courses.

But there is a strong possibility that the courses could be launched soon.

A survey conducted by the ministry of human resource development and HRD earlier this year found that nearly a third of all students in India are in the process of completing their first four years of university.

About 22 per cent of students are taking online courses as compared to 20 per cent in the previous survey.

The survey, conducted in September 2016, found that 21.3 per cent students were completing their online bachelor’s degree or higher and 9.3 percent were taking online masters degree or above.

The survey also showed that about 6.8 per cent were completing an online master’s degree while another 4.8 percent were completing a bachelor’s and master’s in different disciplines.

While the survey said that students from the lower castes, who are often discriminated against, were the most likely to take online classes, the study also found that students who are from upper castes or who have lower caste in their family, were also more likely to undertake online courses with a higher completion rate.

However, it is not clear whether the students would get any special benefits, said the study.

“It is unclear whether they will get any financial benefits from these courses.

The online courses could help in improving the students’ prospects in the job market,” it said.CSET has been working on a series of online courses aimed at training students to be skilled professionals in various fields.

The government has also launched online courses on different topics.

In the latest survey, 22.7 per cent respondents said they had enrolled in online courses to improve their skills.

Only 10.9 per cent said they were getting the online degree as a result of the courses.